Accessibility-focussed consulting

Our approach with accessibility consulting work is to use the principles of universal and inclusive design, providing recommendations that will work to serve persons from a full spectrum of user groups and abilities.  

  • Inclusive architecture:  Design and construction
  • Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC): Pre-construction consultation
  • Inclusive design: Research, guidelines and design prototypes
    Accessibility strategy: Urban design and public realm
  • Bridging the gap between architectural design and accessibility needs



Architectural projects - institutional

Kuno works with organizations on accessibility-focussed renovation and upgrade projects to help provide meaningful and equal access to facilities and a full range of educational offerings.  Most projects include existing heritage buildings with problematic existing conditions, including no accessible entrance or no accessible way for students to participate in programming.

Kuno enjoys ongoing collaboration with other Architects in the development of design solutions, prototypes and guidelines for inclusive, gender-neutral, and accessible washrooms within various educational and institutional settings, including selected universities, middle schools, highschools and transit stations. The intent of these projects is to create environments that promote inclusivity, accommodate diverse needs, and ensure that everyone can access washroom facilities with comfort and dignity.

Architectural projects - residential

Kuno enjoys working through complex zoning criteria and each project is approached as a unique puzzle to work through. We work calmly with respect when dealing with others and we have established good relationships with city staff.  The primary focus of our residential projects is on aging in place, flexible family living and incorporating potential accessibility needs in a contemporary and design-sensitive way. We believe in maintaining a strong and collaborative connection with homeowners, builders, and the consulting team who bring the projects to life.  We have assisted many Vancouver homeowners in obtaining development and building permits for existing homes, including heritage and newer homes.

Previous projects have included: conversion of existing homes into multi-plex, building additions, reconfiguring interior spaces, adding levels, garages, designing laneway homes and infill structures. We typically provide basic interior design services, as we see this as being an integral part of a residential project – with preference given to simple and clean design, timeless material choices, and functionality that works for all family members.  We work with owner wishes when it comes to style and integration of finishes and colour.