Accessibility consulting

Our approach with accessibility consulting work is to use the principles of universal and inclusive design, providing recommendations that will work to serve persons from a full spectrum of user groups and abilities.  

  • Accessibility certification. Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC): Pre-construction consultation and certification of existing sites. 
  • Accessibility strategy. Urban design, public realm and planning. Bridging the gap between architectural design and accessibility needs. Inclusive design research, guidelines and design prototypes.


Architectural services

By providing comprehensive architectural services, we can assist our clients in implementing accessibility recommendations and transforming them into tangible built solutions. We believe in maintaining a strong and collaborative connection with clients, homeowners, user groups, builders, and the consulting team who bring the projects to life.

  • Inclusive architecture. Kuno works with organizations on accessibility-focussed renovation and upgrade projects to help provide meaningful and equal access to facilities and a full range of services and functional offerings.
  • Existing conditions. Work with organizations to provide renovations to fix problematic existing conditions.
  • Residential projects. Renovations, heritage retrofits and new builds with a focus on aging in place, flexible family living and incorporation of accessibility needs in a contemporary and design-sensitive way.