Laurel & 17th


Kuno Architecture Inc.



Project Size

3,300 sf

accessible, heritage, renovation, residential
About This Project

This project involved the extensive renovation of a west side heritage home in Vancouver.  This single family home was converted into three stacked units, all accessible and connected by elevator.  While the exterior shell was left intact, all interior layouts were changed to make accessible living space throughout.

  • Adapted kitchen, with all new appliances: fridge/freezer, dishwasher and oven with induction stovetop.
  • Adapted bathroom: wheel in multi use shower set up
  • Automatic door openers with keyless code/fob access on front and suite entries
  • Hard surface flooring: vinyl plank and tile
  • Ensuite laundry: front loading washer & dryer with front mounted controls
  • No step level or ramped access with indoor lift to upper floors
  • Lever handled door and faucet fixtures
  • Knee space under sinks
  • Adjustable in-floor heating
  • Switches and controls mounted 400-1200mm above the floor
  • Wider doorways: minimum 860mm width

If you are in need of accessible rental housing in Vancouver, contact info and more detailed information can be found on the house website.