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Let’s put an end to ugly accessible design

Ok sure - beauty is subjective and good design is in the eye of the beholder.  However, I am confident to say, without a whole lot of justification, that there is a lot of ugly accessible design in the world.

Making an old house accessible (part 1)

This old Vancouver home was owned by the same family for decades. And as the cost of Vancouver real estate continues to skyrocket, the house was in need of a re-think so that it could work for the future of the family.

Link to Entrearchitect PODCAST with Stacia Hood

This is a really special podcast that I happened upon the other day.  This might be more interesting to other architects or designers.  But she has such a refreshing outlook on the world of adaptable and universal design.  It is definitely worth a listen.

Making an old house accessible

Follow the process of making an old house accessible. We will bring modern interior design, durability and a non-institutional feel to this old Vancouver home.